What is ERFPS®?

The European Register of Fitness Professionals (ERFPS®) is an independent database created to bring together all European instructors, trainers, and professionals working in the sport, physical exercise, health, and Leisure.

The inclusion in ERFPS® of your professional profile does not mean that you automatically comply with all the requirements required by our registration until your qualifications and certifications have not been verified by our rigorous processes of validity and authenticity.

Thanks to them, ERFPS® certifies that the professionals who appear in this register and who have their qualifications verified, are qualified and can offer their services to consumers, employers and all those interested in the search of trusted trainers and professional trainers.


Thanks to ERFPS® our personnel selection processes are now cheaper, agile and effective!

What is ERFPS®?

How does it work?

The registration in ERFPS® is very simple. If you are a fitness company, you manage or coordinate services related to sports, health, and leisure, you can register for free today. You only have to fill in the sections related to the information and contact details of the company and in a few seconds, after confirming your registration, you can contact thousands of professionals in the sector with a simple click.

Starting today, covering the vacancies that your company has, vacations, medical leave, etc., will never be a problem again. Forget about expensive and slow staff selection process, résumé and degrees of dubious origin. The staff your company needs is in ERFPS®!

Why subscribe my company to ERFPS®?

If you are the manager or head of Human Resources of a company in the world of fitness, sports, health, and leisure, you cannot miss the opportunity to have access to the largest database of professionals in sports of Europe.

With your ERFPS® subscription, the process of selecting professionals for your company will be a really easy task, fast and above all very inexpensive.

Once registered your company in ERFPS® you can publish your logo, write a brief description of your products and services, link your website to your profile, publish coupons offers and discount vouchers, as well as job offers, addressed to ERFPS® professionals that allow you to select the profile that best suits your needs, also punctuating, if you like, their professionalism, personal treatment and motivation observed during your employment relationship.

Who can see my profile?

The ERFPS® registration is a public record. Your company profile will be visible to any person, company and public administration that accesses our portal and click on the tab in the box "Associated Companies" and look for companies of the sector that are in a certain country, a province/region or a City of Europe. Thanks to our powerful search engine, anyone interested can access the data of dozens of companies across Europe, see the address of your offices on the map that will appear on your profile, your job offers and if you want, contact you with a simple Click.

Who can see my profile?

How do I contact professionals at ERFPS®?

How do I contact professionals at ERFPS<sup>®</sup>?

Thanks to your ERFPS® profile you will be able to contact the professional you are looking for for your company in a few minutes. You will only have to access our portal with your username and password and search the required profile. If you have a Free Profile, you can contact the professional by clicking the ""Contact"" button that appears on their profile, or if you have a Premium Profile, you will directly access the data related to their email and phone number * Immediately.

Likewise, when you publish a job offer**, you will be able to manage it, extend the duration of the job and edit it. But above all, wait that the interested users and belonging to the geographical area (country, province or city) to which the offer is addressed, receive our automatic email notifying them that there is new information regarding a job offer on your profile Company, and to which they can register. Throughout the duration of your offer, you can download the list of candidates subscribed to it in Excel format and access the contact details of these in a few seconds.

(*) If the professional has this option activated in his profile.

(**) If you are a user with Free profile, you can publish a single job offer.

How much does it cost to subscribe my company in ERFPS®?

Absolutely nothing!

If you want you can register with a right now and start enjoying all the advantages of being a registered ERFPS® company in just a few moments. If this is not enough, for the equivalent price of a Menu (€ 8.16 per month), you will also have the possibility to choose our and enjoy all our services in an unlimited way.

** Resulting fee only in case of the full payment for an annual membership.

Profile Free


FREE Company Profile Yes
Search for Premium Profiles No
Access to professional data Limited
Creation of job offers 1
Download list of applicants Yes
Creation of discount coupons 2
Profile Premium

Profile Premium

since 8,16€ X month (*)

Custom Premium Business Profile Yes
Search for Premium Profiles Yes
Access to data of professionals Unlimited
Creation of job offers Unlimited
Download applicants list Yes
Creation of offers and discount coupons Unlimited

(*) Monthly price when you make an annual subscription.

Oops!! I have not paid an installment

If for any reason the system cannot collect the fee for your subscription to ERFPS® you will receive an email informing you of this issue, and the system will make a second attempt a few days later. In the case of not collecting the fee on the second attempt, or you have decided to cancel your membership voluntarily and not continue to enjoy all the advantages of ERFPS®, the system will automatically cancel your subscription. Once canceled, you can continue to access ERFPS® regularly until the expiration date provided by your plan.

When this period expires, your profile will become a FREE Profile. You can reactivate your Premium account whenever you want. If on the contrary, you want to cancel your account forever and no longer be in the search results of ERFPS®, you can do it from the option MY PLAN in your user menu.